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to your creative journey


Bridging connection through paint and canvas

Art has the power to connect both the creator and viewer to deeper parts of themselves and the world around them. In making the art, I am simply a messenger. In sharing I release the art to fulfill a greater purpose of connection through its interaction with those that stand before it." 



Art Mentorship

One-to-one, in-person instruction and mentorship. Customized to your level of skill and interests. Covers a wide range of topics from foundational skills to working through blocks and strengthening your creative intuition.

Creative Play

Connect with like-minded souls in an intimate setting as you engage in a gently guided creative project. Available for small groups up to six people.

Live Painting

There is something special about witnessing another's creative process. Hire Jess for your next event as a unique form of entertainment. Real time painting demos are very complimentary to live music.

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